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Degustacja wina online dla Sumo Logic

Data spotkania 14 grudnia 2021 18:00
Hasło: degustacja
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Your wines will be on the Way soon! Let’s get ready for the tasting!


We recommend typical glasses for Your wines. If You are planning to use one, we recommend the middle one, as the most universal.


Some other glass Tips:

– the bigger is better,

– the thinner glass is better,

– no decorations on the glass,

 Sometimes You can find thick glasses with a rounded edges. Those are the worst!

Wine temperature:

white and rose
wine we need to chill up to 6-7 °C. You will get that temperature after at
least 4 hours of chilling Your wines in your

Red wine please chill to 17°C. Please put the wine for 1 hour to fridge just before the tasting.


Please prepare one slice of the lemon, which we will use for a kind of sensoric exercise.

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